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    General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Financial Services Industry: Time to take stock – what is your company’s state of readiness? Some of the GDPR requirements are not new. What has changed, however, are the consequences of failure to comply if companies do not continuously ensure the handling of personal data in a compliant fashion.

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  • TALOS + Recruiting Days

    As in previous years TALOS participated in the ESCP Recruiting Days in Berlin on November 9th, 2018.
    It was a great pleasure to get in touch with tomorrow’s talents and to meet so many motivated young people showing great interest in TALOS’ services and values. Our team of Consultants also highly appreciated the discourse with selected participants in interviews and group cases.
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  • TALOS + Partnership with London Stock Exchange Group’s technology platform, UnaVista

    LSEG’s technology platform, UnaVista, extends its consulting partnership outreach for regulatory reporting, reference data and reconciliation to Switzerland and Luxembourg by partnering with TALOS, as local management consulting boutique.

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  • TALOS + Post Merger Integration

    Die Erschliessung von Wachstumspotentialen durch produktbezogene und geographische Erweiterungen, sowie auch die Notwendigkeit als aktives Mitglied an Branchenkonsolidierungen teilzunehmen, führen dazu, dass Firmenübernahmen wieder als Top-Thema auf den Agenden der Chefetagen geführt werden.

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  • TALOS + Choices on your digital path

    How will financial companies retain relevant business in the future while coping with new rules of competition and external uncertainties? You have to choose between options and reconsider them regularly on your way through the digital age.

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  • TALOS + AEI Reporting Method ll

    In recent years, tax transparency regulation has increased on a global scale. The OECD standard, established via the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI), is the most comprehensive set of rules. It aims at improving global tax co-operation and tackling international tax evasion. Thus, it in particular takes a close look at complex wealth management structures such as trusts and foundations. Whereas every Beneficial Owner (BO) in a banking relationship is subject to reporting, not every beneficiary of a trust or foundation necessarily is. However, to be able to offer Reporting Method II, Swiss Financial Institutions (FIs) must timely have the appropriate measures and processes in place. As latest by the end of 2018, entity clients are generally in-scope of reporting, it is time to act.

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  • TALOS + 10 Years

    2018 is a very special year for us: 10 years ago we founded TALOS in the midst of the financial crisis. From a small management consulting start-up we have since grown into what we are today: a well-known mid-size transformation partner for the European Financial Services industry with local offices in Zurich and Luxemburg. A big thank you to both our clients and employees for their loyalty and for making TALOS a success story.

    Looking forward to another exiting decade ahead of us!
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  • TALOS + Fiscal Compliance

    Not so long ago, Switzerland as one of the global leading Wealth Management centers was stigmatized by foreign governments as a Tax Haven due to the strict banking secrecy standards. In order to strengthen Switzerland´s reputation and ensure economic collaboration with international partners, several initiatives were launched. With each introduction of a new fiscal initiative to prevent tax evasion, the framework of fiscal compliance in Switzerland got more solid, loophole after loophole got closed. Nowadays the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEI) is considered the most comprehensive approach to fiscal transparency internationally. But it ain't over with AEI...

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  • TALOS + Versicherungsmarketing

    Die Versicherungsindustrie ist unbestreitbar im digitalen Zeitalter angekommen. Technologische Innovationen verändern rasant und nachhaltig die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette und bestehende Betriebsmodelle: Neue Sales Tools, Robo-Advisors und Advanced Analytics Methoden im Vertrieb und Marketing, maschinelles Lernen im Underwriting sowie virtuelle Realität und das Internet der Dinge im Claims sind nur ein kleiner Teil des Innovationsspektrums.

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  • TALOS + Luxembourg

    TALOS is further strengthening its local consulting expertise for banks. Effective July 1st, 2018 Matthias Greiller (48) will take over as Managing Director of the international Management Consulting Boutique TALOS in Luxembourg. Furthermore, he will lead the local Private Banking/Wealth Management practice.

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  • TALOS + 10 Years

    We believe that success is only possible if everyone pulls in the same direction. Celebrating our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, the entire crew headed to Les Diablerets to crest the "Dôme des Diablerets" as a rope team.
    However, TALOS is more than the sum of its consultants. Recognizing that partners and 'significant others' contribute vastly to the day-to-day performance of our employees, we spent a weekend together in Gstaad with the extended TALOS family. A big THANK YOU to everyone who took a part in our success story - and cheers to another exciting decade ahead of us!


  • TALOS + MiFID II Zielmarkt

    Die neuen EU Regeln zur Zielmarktdefinition sind kaum relevant für Finanzdienstleister ausserhalb des Europäischen Wirtschaftsraumes (EWR)? Weit gefehlt, auch Schweizer Finanzdienstleister tun gut daran sich der Konsequenzen der MiFID II Zielmarkt Initiative bewusst zu werden, wenn sie finanzielle Einbussen vermeiden wollen. TALOS erklärt die Regulierung und zeigt drei strategische Herangehensweisen auf.

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At TALOS Management Consultants, we do not just do ‘standard’ consulting skillfully. We shape and refine new standards — continuously examining current practices, enhancing them and evolving them.

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