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Service Offerings

Organization & Transformation

Companies in the Financial Services industry are currently facing major challenges due to changing market conditions, increasing global competition and evolving regulatory landscapes. These exogenous circumstances have a significant impact on the business, either from cost or turnover perspective.

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Sales & Regulatory Management

The business environment of Financial Services companies is undergoing substantial change. With ever tightening regulatory frameworks and growing demand for tailored solutions, it has become key to have the right products and services in the right markets, on time and in full compliance with regulations.

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Supply Management

In today‘s economy the cost of doing business is an elementary item on all C-level agendas. Consequently top management is paying increasing attention to procurement as a means of increasing shareholder value.

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Technology Management

Information Technology remains to be one of the key driver of today’s business in the Financial Services industry. Flexibility becomes a critical success factor to address dynamic change of business models and global as well as divisional growth.

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TALOS is an organization and process consultancy boutique, focusing on the European Financial Services industry. TALOS’ functional service offerings cover all key topics in the areas of supply management, technology management and sales and regulatory management. Our wide range of functional expertise is amplified by our organization & transformation service, which offers proven methods, approaches and tools.
TALOS partners up with its clients to maximize their results through the conception and implementation of programs addressing both cost efficiency and sales optimization.